Transfiguration (2020)

4K video
Stereo sound

Transfiguration (2020) is a reworking of our studio classic from 2011, The Transfiguration. The Transfiguration was first shown at our first major solo exhibition Super-Computer Romantics at La Gaite Lyrique, Paris.

Available for licensing, screenings and exhibitions


Edition of 6 with 2 artist proofs


What does evolution look like? The ever-changing walking figure in Transfiguration depicts a figure that transforms in front of our eyes, echoing our own emotional upheaval. This take on nature is elemental, with a focus on fire, rock and water. The further they walk, the more they evolve, their stone footsteps echoing metal, liquid, wood. It is as if we are rebuilding life itself in some primal form. The figure feels familiar but also larger than life. The sound design heightens its sense of colossal realism, as if the geological building blocks of life are forming as we watch.
Originally made in 2011, we remastered the film in 2020 with the latest procedural visual effects software and CGI.


Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Animation: Chris Perry
Sound Design: Simon Pyke