Solo show
La Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France
April 21, 2011 — May 27, 2011

“Matt Pyke is one of the most innovative – and positive – motion-artists of his time. His approach can be described as both scientific and holistic, as the name of his design studio, Universal Everything, suggests…

Whether commissioned to do mass branding or experimental pieces, immersive environments or shop installations, Pyke’s creative process aims to blur the boundaries between genres and disciplines, labels and categories, arts and sciences. As such, Pyke is the poster child for the digital revolution, the hybrid resulting from coupling online communities with open source philosophies. His electronic parents are hacking and remix culture…

Over the last decade, Matt Pyke has engaged in constant exchange and debate, setting people on the course of creation and communication through his studio Universal Everything. Driven by the excitement of learning, His creative process is flexible and associative. Pyke always looks for the appropriate skills to nurture any given project and often ventures in unorthodox collaborations. The title of the exhibition, Matt Pyke & Friends, is an example of his deeply open-minded attitude, always encouraging contributions and shared efforts. Through his studio, Matt acts in a spirit of modern companionship, always respecting the input of his collaborators; the master model does not apply here.”
– Charlotte Leouzon, Curator, Paris, 2011

The Transfiguration
Supreme Believers
Voxel Posse
Electric Trees
76 Seeds
You / Me


Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Sound Designer: Simon Pyke
CGI: Chris Perry  Realise, Thomas Eberwein
Design and Code (Communion): Field
Design and Code (Voxel Posse): Karsten Schmidt
Photography: James Medcraft
Curators: Charlotte Leouzon, Jerome Delormas


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