Universal Everything  ⁄  Motion Capture
J Sports


Tokyo, Japan
A motion capture mural for the TV company's HQ

➡️ Infinity

An endless video artwork
The Barbican

AI: More Than Human

A major exhibition on artificial intelligence
AI: More Than Human
Incheon Airport

✈️ Do We All Dream of Flying?

South Korea
Permanent video art commission for Seoul's airport

🧍 Super You

An iOS app to transform your friend in AR
The Hyundai

☺ Superconsumers

Seoul, South Korea
Digital pop art for a 30-metre-high department store facade

► Future You

Motion-capture artwork reflecting your future self

🤸🏽‍♀️ Delightfully Diverse

Dallas, Texas
Joyful digital art for a 32-metre media wall

👌 Walking City

Architecture + evolution + movement
Simon Pyke

Spatial, Ornamental, Tribal, Colossal albums

Simon Pyke's music, curated and visualised

👤 Machine Learning

When will machines achieve human agility?

↔ Smart Matter

Futurist film series exploring human-machine collaboration
Hyundai Motor

⇡ Motorstudio Design Room

Goyang, South Korea
A kinetic display experience
Hyundai Motor

🏃‍♂️ Hyundai Running Man

Seoul, New York, London
An infinite film loop about evolution, engineering and design
Hyundai Motor

Hyundai Motorstudio

Goyang, South Korea
Video artworks for an 87-metre-long screen


New York
Digital motion works exploring new visual forms
Ron Arad / Curtain Call


London, Singapore
A 360° silicon curtain projection
The Science Museum


Motion-captured life-size video artworks