In 2020 we collaborated with the US and European Instagram design teams on a colour-led visual identity system for the app and brand experiences. Now seen by billions of users worldwide, every day.


In 2023 we collaborated with the Deepmind teams in London on a 3 month series of creative workshops involving numerous Ai research groups. This helped define potential visual strategies to articulate the future of Ai, and how it will improve everyday lives.
Google DeepMind

In 2023 we collaborated with the School of Life on developing a series of multi-sensory immersive spaces to instigate personal reflection and writings. These safe spaces will operate within a psychotherapy led framework.

The School of Life

Since 2006 we have collaborated with Apple teams in Cupertino and Europe on confidential design and research projects. We are hired to push the boundaries of creative expression enabled by new software, sensors or hardware. This has resulted in our work finding its way into Apple consumer products used by billions.

In 2016 we collaborated with the General Motors self driving Lab on a public visual  signage system for the surface of the next generation of self driving taxis
GM Motors

In 2013 we collaborated with the Intel/Samsung teams on future interaction scenarios for the Tizen operating system across multiple hardware touchpoints, resulting in a number of patents being granted