Universal Everything

Into The Sun

London, UK
Bringing digital nature to life through your movements

Into the Sun is an interactive artwork that responds to the movement of the viewer.

Unlike robotic mirror pieces such as Future You, here we stand in a natural landscape, which only comes to life when we interact with it. Plants germinate and grow, mimicking our movements. Stems and leaves bend and lean towards us, obscuring the warm digital sun, manipulating the sound.

Into the Sun represents the Japanese word ‘komorebi’ – the moment in the early morning or late afternoon when sunlight shines through the leaves of trees.


Lifeforms – solo exhibition – 180 The Strand, London, 2022 (world premiere)


Edition of 6 with 2 artist proofs


Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Design and Unity Development: Chris Mullany
Sound: Simon Pyke
Executive Producer: Claire Spencer Cook
Studio Technician: Spike Thompson

Available for licensing, screenings and exhibitions
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