Hyundai Motorstudio
⇡ Motorstudio Design Room

A kinetic display experience
Goyang, South Korea

We were commissioned by Hyundai Motor Company to create a multi-sensory kinetic installation. The display experience is created using 1,411 kinetic rods, a 360º video wall, LED lighting and surround sound.

The four-minute experience guides visitors through the Hyundai design philosophy: sensuous sportiness, human-centric design, hyper-connected vehicles, clean energy, and future mobility.


Creative Directors: Matt Pyke, Mike Hughes
Animation: Chris Perry
3D Modelling: DXMIQ
Senior Producer: Greg Povey
Sound Design: Simon Pyke
Exhibition Design: Atelier Brückner
Kinetic Rod Engineering: Easywith

Commissioned by Hyundai Motor Company