A procession of kaleidoscopic future creatures

This mesmerising procession of beautiful and surreal creatures might look familiar, but could they actually be the next step in animal evolution?

As the sun rises and sets, these wondrous critters stomp, glide, trot, hop and swoop across the landscape, which blooms pink and gold before shifting through shades of blue. This cycle suggests day and night, but also a whole life. Do you wonder how they might have spent their days or where they’re going? What would you call them?

We created these kaleidoscopic future creatures by adapting and animating motion capture data, which tracks the movement style of real-world animals, from elephants and ostriches to kangaroos and caterpillars.

Available for licensing, screenings and exhibitions


Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Executive Producer: Claire Spencer Cook
Animation: Chris Perry and Ben Simpkins
Sound Design: Simon Pyke