Our collective has worked remotely since 2004. Our core team incorporates skills in creative direction, experience design, technical direction, XR, production, research and sound design. We also form bespoke teams for each project from our global network of 60+ collaborators.

We use emerging display technologies as our canvas. We take a stylised, playful approach to design, architecture, nature and digital life. Our experiences subvert cinematic CGI, physics simulations and real-time generative design. This way, we create new forms of moving image, interaction and immersive spaces.

Our studio engages in collaborations including future R&D with Apple, immersive spaces with Hyundai, generative audiovisual apps with Radiohead, and interactive spaces with Zaha Hadid Architects.

Our self-initiated artworks are available in limited editions. These include digital files, NFTs, bespoke wall-mounted displays and site-specific installations.

Prototypes are fundamental to our studio’s evolution. We believe beneficial design can be beautiful, desirable and joyful. It enables deeper engagement, encouraging new future-positive human behaviours. We attempt to address global challenges including clean energy, electric vehicles, digital wellbeing and healthcare.

We calculate and offset project energy usage using Solar-Aid. We also donate a percentage of studio profits to charity optimisers GiveWell, Kiva.org and Give Directly. Since 2004 we have pioneered the remote working creative collective, allowing international collaborations with minimal air travel.