Universal Everything

Live Forever

London, UK
Lenticular artworks, creating moving images without energy

The four lenticular artworks that make up Live Forever explore whether it’s possible to create moving image without any energy.

The technique was a tangent from our research with a furniture company in Korea, developing objects that animate and evolve as you move around your space. These more straightforward ‘interactive’ abstract artworks appear to breathe, grow and dance as you pass them. This take on the analogue demonstrates how animation and narrative can exist in the simplest form. Like the Op Art works of Bridget Riley, our motion brings the medium to life.

Artworks in the Live Forever series:

Breathe Forever
Dance Forever
Grow Forever
Move Forever

Edition of 25 with 2 artists proofs


Lifeforms – solo exhibition – 180 The Strand, London, 2022 (world premiere)


Creative Director: Matt Pyke
3D Animation: Matt Frodsham and Chris Perry
Technical Directors: Joel Gethin Lewis and Dev Joshi
Executive Producer: Claire Spencer Cook
Lenticular Printing: Hive Associates

Available for licensing, screenings and exhibitions
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