Social Media Designer
Paid by the hour, rate TBC
Deadline: 28 February 2021


We need an inventive, prolific designer-animator-editor-film maker to generate unique video content for Universal Everything’s social media on a weekly basis.


Example upcoming projects:

1. Film compelling, inspiring scenarios and performances with Super You AR and post to UE’s social media every week.

2. Adorn your surroundings with Hyperspace AR and post to UE’s social media every week.

3. Film and edit videos showcasing our products.

4. Create video glimpses of our work in progress on projects.



- iPhone 11 or above
- Mac computer with design / video software
- Available 5-10 Hours per week
- Based in UK/Europe


To apply:

- Write what it is that you like about Universal Everything
- Show us your video / graphic design content
- Show us your social media feeds
- Share your top 10 social media users you aspire towards


Email to: