Solo show
Science Museum, London

“In their desire to uncover entirely new forms and aesthetic ideas, Universal Everything often work with cutting-edge technology like motion capture, generative software, and large-format screens and projections to experiment with the new creative expressions these tools and techniques allow. The two new large-scale installations commissioned for their inaugural exhibition at Media Space London are the culmination of nearly a decade’s worth of research and refinement of these processes and the studio’s continuous iteration on representation of the human body.”
– Julia Kaganskiy, New York, 2013 – read full article

1000 Hands


Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Animator: Chris Perry
Choreographer: Benjamin Millepied,
LA Dance Project
Dancers: Julia Eichten, Nathan Makolandra
Motion Capture: Audiomotion
Composer: Simon Pyke
Viola: Annie Kerr
Clarinet: Merlin Shepherd
Vocals: Jenny Kosmowsky
Technician: Benoit Simon
Architect: Irene Shamma
Fabrication: AB3 Workshop, Other Fabrications
AV Consultant and Supplier: Bluman Associates
Producer: Keri Elmsly
Film Makers: Giorgia Polizzi, Sandra Ciampone
Photographers: James Medcraft, Kate Elliot

Proudly supported by Hyundai.


  • ‘It can be difficult to describe digital artworks, because they often need to be seen to be understood. But Matt Pyke hopes that when people do see the newest, extraordinary installation by his design collective, Universal Everything, they will feel “the sensation of witnessing a new form of life, never felt before”. And the brilliant thing is, they probably will.’ – Henrietta Thompson, Wallpaper
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