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Sevcable Port

HYDRA: New Media Art in the Context of Eco-Anxiety

A group show exploring environmental issues through art and science

Universal Everything’s infinitely looping video artwork Nature Always Wins is part of the large-scale group exhibition HYDRA: New Media Art in the Context of Eco-Anxiety.

Taking place at Sevcable Port, St. Petersburg, Russia, the exhibition represents environmental agenda through the prism of art, science and new media art. It brings together leading international and local artists exploring environmental issues.

Hydra means both water and a mythical creature that grows new heads in place of felled ones. Taking this metaphor, the exhibition looks at environmental issues related to water in the context of artistic statements and how humans influence these changes.

Open 10 September 2021–30 January 2022. Find out more.


Curators: Olga Vad, Lydia Gumenyuk

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