Group show
Ex Dogana, Rome, Italy
April 29, 2017 — September 10, 2017

Digital Creatures (Creature Digitali) is a digital art exhibition curated by ArtFutura founder and director Montxo Algora and produced by MondoMostre Skira.

Digital Creatures explores the parallel evolution of art and science and the humanity at the centre of global technological change. The exhibition showcases artists who are redefining creativity in an increasingly digital world and who are looking to emerging technologies to test the limits of the imagination.

We are exhibiting 12 artworks from our video series Screens of the Future, alongside works by Paul Friedlander (UK), Esteban Diácono (Argentina), Can Buyukberber (USA), Sachiko Kodama (Japan), Chico MacMurtrie/Amorphic Robot Works (USA), and the best video images of the ArtFutura festival.

29 April-10 September 2017, at Ex Dogana, Rome.

Screens of the Future


Creative Directors: Matt Pyke, Mike Hughes
Executive Producer: Norra Abdul Rahim
Senior Producer: Greg Povey
Animation Directors: Chris Perry, Matt Frodsham, DXMIQRita Louro, Nicola GastaldiWang & Söderström, Ben White, Joe StreetKouhei Nakama
Photography: Sandra Ciampone

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