✣ Infinity Room

An infinite installation about big data
San Francisco

In collaboration with journalist Simon Rogers and Roundhouse (Portland), we created an infinite, immersive digital experience, with a narrative exploring the power of big data.

A 15’ x 8’ mirrored room and subtly choreographed pixel spheres echoed the LED TVs, creating an endless digital landscape. Designed in code and running in real time, the installation tells the story of the world around us through the medium of a simple US quarter.

Tied into a major Microsoft product launch, the Infinity Room was installed at 3 Embarcadero Center in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District over three days. Members of the public and conference VIPs were invited to experience a powerful visualisation of the real-time insights that can be gained through the technology company’s new data analysis tools.


Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Design and Code: Mike Tucker
Producer: Greg Povey
Sound design: Simon Pyke
Additional: Chris Perry, Renaud Futterer
Commissioned by Roundhouse, Portland

Executive Creative Director: Joe Sundby
Art Director: Kyle Everett
Writers: Andrew McMurchie, Simon Rogers
Executive producer: Matthew Moss
Project Director: Tod Visdal
Producer: Lauren Lindstrom

Production: Axiom
Audio Visual: Spitball

Agency: Roundhouse (Portland, OR)
Client: Microsoft