Marriott Hotel


Sejong City, South Korea

Ensembles is a celebration of Korean culture and traditions through a moment of elegance and joy. We created the film artwork to welcome guests at the lobby of the new Marriott hotel in Sejong City.

Our film features a parade of abstract, expressive characters inspired by Korean hanbok dress and pungmullori music and dance. They enter the minimal scene one by one, with a mix of styles, colours, textures, instruments and motions. As they move towards the hotel staircase, a gentle wind catches their costumes. It stirs their fine fabrics to float gracefully through the air.

Ensembles emphasises the artistic craftsmanship unique to South Korea and Sejong City. It draws on the exquisite beauty of traditional dress and local flora and fauna like the peach flower, dollarbird and pine. It contrasts the ancient and the new, with digital techniques that nod to the city's high-tech present. It does all this with a good deal of amusement and fun, bringing an uplifting, positive energy to the lobby.


Executive Creative Director: Sam Renwick
Creative Director: Amalie Englesson
Motion Designers: Chris Perry, Matt Frodsham
Executive Producer: Claire Cook
Sound: Simon Pyke
Studio Manager: Simon Thompson
Commissioned by: Gana Art for Marriott