Dimensions of Real

Using movement to explore electric vehicle design

Dimensions of Real is an immersive, interactive exploration of automotive forms and emotions, created in collaboration with BMW Designworks LA, and film composer Hans Zimmer.

Our series of four experiences interpret and conceptualise key elements of the BMW electric vehicle design ethos. It starts with the one-dimensional ‘Calm’, where the vehicle is formed through the stillness of the visitor. ‘Confidence’ moves into 2D, revealing sections of the form as the visitor follows a linear path. ‘Joy’ brings in a third dimension, as the environment amplifies free movement and expression. Finally, ‘Surreal’ plays with space, time and memory within an immersive mirrored space.

Dimensions of Real conceptualises shapes, colours and sounds of electric vehicle car design, reimagining and remixing them through a generative system. Going beyond cinema resolution, it’s an ambient, intimate and intuitive realtime experience. The effect is otherworldly, contemplative, and subtly different for each visitor.

First exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022.


Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Concept Development: BMW Group Designworks
Lead Developer: Chris Mullany
Developer: Luke Holland
Developer: Adam Samson
3D Modelling: Joe Street
Consultant: Joel Gethin Lewis
Lead Sound Design: Hans Zimmer
BMW Sound Design: Renzo Vitale
Event Sound Design: Simon Pyke
Executive Producer: Claire Cook
Senior Producer: Amalie Englesson
Studio Manager: Simon Thompson