➡️ Infinity

8K generative video
Stereo sound

Infinity is our never-ending video artwork, an endless parade of unique personalities born from code. Glimpse something new every time you look, for every minute, of every day, forever.

Infinity represents a new form of digital art, presenting viewers with something fresh to discover on each viewing.

The bold and beautiful characters are generated and and join in the parade in real-time. This alive and joyful artwork is made possible only with bespoke coding and latest Apple M1 chip or Nvidia graphics technology.

For 2 weeks in July 2021, Infinity streamed on our Youtube channel and website. A 4‑hour glimpse of the artwork also livestreamed on our Instagram each day. This stream broadcast from the UE studio which runs on 100% renewable energy and solar panels.

We are also exploring the interactive potential of infinite, code-generated artworks, and the opportunities for figures based on people and elements from the worlds of fashion, nature and more.

Available for licensing, screenings and exhibitions


Edition of 6 with 2 artist proofs


ZKM Museum, Germany

This endless video artwork depicts a constant stream of vibrant, beautiful characters walking by. On show at a subway station in South Korea since early 2022, the heart of this constantly unique generative work is the movement of hair as it flops, spikes and frizzes. These playful, colourful beings walk, stumble and limp along like a parade of commuters. They echo the early 20th century Futurist sculptures of Boccioni, which aimed to capture an abstracted body in movement. Fast forward a century, this infinitely varied stream of characters does that with ease. These are abstract forms with a soul. You never know who is going to step on stage next.

Lifeforms at 180 Studios exhibition:

Seoul Metro exhibition:

ZKM Museum exhibition:

Digital Impact exhibition:

Now or Never Festival:

Further explorations of the Infinity generative system:


Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Unity Developer: Adam Samson
Sound: Simon Pyke
Studio Technician: Spike Thompson